Par Excellence Golf School

“Operation 36® Golf Programs”

Par Excellence Golf School uses the Operation 36® Golf Programs framework to structure the year round academy program. It consists of Coaching, Playing, and Training programs and is designed to teach golfers to play the game from a hole out perspective. Each golfer will be issued a profile in the Operation 36® Mobile App to track progress through a 6 level curriculum that is designed to set appropriate objectives and challenge each student towards shooting par or better (score of 36) for 9 holes. 

Junior Lesson Packages:

5-1hr long lessons package $200

This lesson package for juniors ages 4-17 consists of (5) hour long sessions. Lesson packages are mapped out to accomplish a goal at the end of the 5 sessions. Daniel Lindsay, PGA and the junior golfer will determine an attainable goal to reach at the end of the 5 lessons. This is a great option for both beginner and advanced junior golfers.


Junior Private Lesson:

$25/30 minute - $50/60 minute

Private lessons for juniors ages 4-17. Half hour and hour long sessions available. Each session is tailored to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Specific drills and equipment will be used during each lesson. From beginners to advanced level junior golfers, private lessons will help focus on parts of the game that frustrate us.  

Junior Golf Clinics:

Price varies due to scheduling and lesson plan

Junior golf clinics for ages 4-17 run on a monthly basis. Please check our monthly schedule for any upcoming events. All junior golf clinics are planned and scheduled around specific age groups. All junior golf clinic lesson plans are designed using the American Development Model structure. Our philosophy behind this is to create life long players of the game.



Schedule a consultation with

Par Excellence Golf School

If you are unsure what would be best for your junior golfer click the button below to set up a 30 minute meeting with Par Excellence Golf School and Daniel Lindsay, PGA. This will give us a chance to evaluate their skill level while designing a blueprint of golfer-specific goals to achieve in the game. Whether the goal is to become a great player or just a lover of the game, Par Excellence Golf School is dedicated to helping each golfer find their passion for the game and designing a plan to make that passion come true.